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Toward Virtual Stress Inoculation Training of Emergency Healthcare Personnel

เวลา : 6.00 นาที

This VR system is intended to inoculate emergency personnel to future stressors by letting them practice stress-coping skills in a virtual environment.

The system simulates a stressful rescue scenario for emergency personnel trainees who role-plays a first-time emergency medical responder. An interactive storytelling is implemented to engage users and elicit intense emotional responses. Users can explore the virtual environ-ment using VR equipment, speak naturally to virtual characters, and must make crucial deci-sions.

The experiment results suggest that our approach could potentially be useful for help-ing emergency personnel to psychologically deal with stressors in their work. This could lead to improved prehospital care performance and could reduce the chance of related mental disorders such as PTSD. In addition to SIT, medical experts suggested that our system could also be used to assess the stress sensitivities or responses of emergency personnel applicants and medical students.

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